Lexus has updated the NX for 2021, bestowing the Audi Q5 rival with new “intelligent” parking sensors as standard. It’s one of a number of updates for the new model year, coming alongside a few new paint colours and the option of a sporty new interior trim.

But the new parking sensors are the biggest change, arriving as a standard feature across the range. The so-called “intelligent” sensors are fitted at the front and rear of the vehicle, offering drivers the familiar beeps as an obstacle approaches.

However, unlike conventional parking sensors, when the speed is below 10 mph, the system can limit the power to reduce acceleration as the car approaches an obstacle. When the car gets close to the object, the system will give the driver a ‘brake’ warning on the dashboard. If the driver fails to respond, the car will automatically brake to bring the car to a stop.

That technology is coming in alongside a range of other safety gadgets, which include blind-spot monitoring. That is now a standard feature of the F Sport model, notifying drivers when another vehicle is lurking in the blind spots over their shoulders.

And the F Sport is also getting rear cross traffic alert as standard, a system that tells the driver when a vehicle is approaching from the side. The idea is that when reversing from parking spaces, the car can alert the driver to approaching hazards.

2018 Lexus NX

Other additions to the 2021 NX include some new paint options, in the shape of Terrane Khaki and Celestial Blue. Both are metallic colours, expanding the NX palette to eight different hues.

Similarly, Lexus is also introducing a new interior colour scheme for the NX Premium Sport Edition. The new option sees the seats upholstered in black Tahara man-made leather with crimson accents and silver trim inlays. The instrument panel also gets a matching red finish.

Aside from those additions, however, the NX range continues as before. The mid-size SUV still comes with a hybrid powertrain offering a choice of front- or four-wheel-drive. Three basic trim levels are available, with prices starting at £36,060 for the basic front-wheel-drive NX. The range-topping Takumi model, on the other hand, starts at £47,810.

Every version of the NX is available to order now, with the first cars expected to arrive with their new owners later this month.

2018 Lexus NX