2017 Lexus NX review: Tech-rich but disappointing


Looking as much like a piece of modern architecture as an SUV, the Lexus NX is a cluster of angles and creases. It makes rivals such as the Audi Q5 and BMW X3 look highly conventional. Being a Lexus, there is a hybrid powertrain with an electric motor (and a second motor, giving four-wheel drive, in higher-spec models), but the Japanese car maker has also created a petrol-only, front-wheel drive model. Inside, the NX offers a high-quality sanctuary with seating for five. There is no shortage of technology in the cabin, including a wireless charging pad for your smartphone. Add to that a large boot, and reasonably low running costs in the case of the hybrid versions, and the Lexus compact SUV makes a good case for itself.


Body Style: SUV Seats: 5  MRP from £34,895 - £44,395


Did you know? The NX was the first Lexus production model to feature a turbocharged engine.

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Verdict 4.0 / 10

You won’t find a more striking-looking SUV in the segment than the Lexus NX. It might look as if it has arrived from the future, but behind that taut sheet metal is a car that is neither as comfortable nor as fun to drive as its key rivals, and that's blighted by a frustratingly unintuitive infotainment system. The option of a turbocharged petrol engine will appe...