Long nights are drawing in, the temperature is steadily dropping, and the leaves are falling from the trees. That means Autumn is all but here, and the first half-term holiday of the school year will arrive soon as well.

It's probably the last time to get out for one big trip in the UK too, and that's given Volkswagen an ideal opportunity to remind the world that the Golf is the perfect tow car. The popular hatchback has a towing capacity of 1,800 kg, which is enough to tow most caravans with ease.

Caravanning with the Volkswagen Golf

The fine handling and electronic stabilisation programme which includes a trailer stabilisation system makes the towing a breeze. It prevents the caravan from rocking, or even jackknifing, with calculated braking interventions on the towing vehicle, and when parked, the optional anti-theft alarm also monitors the trailer or caravan. If the power connections are unhitched without authorisation, the system is set off, alerting the driver.

For inexperienced drivers there's a driver assistance system called 'Trailer Assist' which assumes control of the trailer position (within the limitations of the steering system) by constantly measuring the angle of draw bar to the vehicle.

Caravanning with the Volkswagen Golf

The optional tow hitch can also be fitted to the Golf which can be folded and stored invisibly in the car floor when it is not in use.

To help with the promotion, Volkswagen has released a series of short films showing the Golf's towing prowess:

Camping with the Golf
Trailer Assist
Navigation & Dynaudio
ACC and Front Assist
Tent on the roof

Gallery: Caravanning with the Volkswagen Golf