If you're looking to buy a new all-electric Volkswagen e-Golf, you're in luck because the German manufacturer is offering lengthy test drives of the popular 'zero emissions' car.

You can pick up an e-Golf from your local Volkswagen dealership, go about your business, then drop it off 48 hours later.

The 48-hour test e-Golf test drives are the latest in a long line of initiatives by Volkswagen to encourage its customers and prospective buyers to sample its electric vehicle range. So far the e-Golf is the flagship, but the brand will be introducing a wide range of EVs in the coming years, starting with the ID.3 which is due next year.

The e-Golf is priced from £30,340 in the UK. It's electric motors provide an instant 134 bhp and 393 lb-ft of torque, it also has a range of up to 144 miles.

Because it's an all-electric vehicle, the e-Golf is is exempt from the Congestion and Ultra Low Emission Zone charges, plus its road tax is currently zero as well. What's more, its running costs compared to more traditional combustion-engined vehicles. For company car users, the e-Golf will benefit from a Benefit In Kind rate that is slashed to just 2 percent from April 2020.

2018 Volkswagen e-Golf

Volkswagen also recently launched a new section of its website dedicated to its electric vehicle range. It also provides wider information about EV ownership, and allows pre-orders for the upcoming ID.3.

"The charm of the e-Golf is it has all of the talents of the familiar Golf hatch, with the simple addition of an electric powertrain," said Tim O’Donovan, Electric Vehicle Product Marketing Manager at Volkswagen UK.“What the new 48-hour test drive offers is the chance for people to learn first-hand how simply the e-Golf will fit into their lives."

"The two-day experience lets people challenge the e-Golf with all sorts of scenarios particular to their car needs, and for the e-Golf to demonstrate its numerous qualities."

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