The answer to the question you didn't realise you were asking.

Remember the ridiculous story about how Fiat would supply name stickers for Fiat 500s for free?

Well, Fiat has now released a name of the most popular 'names' from the scheme. On the week of the royal baby's birth, sadly Archie didn't feature at all.

Over 3,000 personalised name stickers have been delivered so far, with Fifi coming out the clear favourite, followed by Bella and Luigi – which is perhaps inspired by the character of the same name from the Disney Pixar film Cars who was also a Fiat 500.

You can now get a name sticker for your Fiat 500

Fourth on the list was Minty, which perhaps stems from the popular mint green colour choice for the car. Freddie rounded out the top five.

The most popular Fiat 500 names

  1. Fifi
  2. Bella
  3. Luigi
  4. Minty
  5. Freddie

Many personalisation options are available for the Fiat 500, with the name stickers being just one of them.

"Personalisation has been a big trend over the last couple of years but Fiat 500 owners have embraced this since day one," John MacDonald, Mopar service, parts and customer care director said when the name sticker scheme was launched. "By offering them a chance to take this one step further we hope that they will be able to add even more of their personality to their beloved 500."

Fiat 500 120th

Over 333,000 Fiat 500s have been sold in the United Kingdom alone in the 12 years since it was introduced, and if you have one you can head to, enter the name of your car, choose from a selection of 10 colours and then you will be sent your very own sticker – for free. Fiat says this allows Fiat 500 owners to 'proudly display the name of their car for the world to see'.

Gallery: You can now get a name sticker for your Fiat 500