The artwork has been made by Senna’s niece Paula Senna Lalli and is to be presented by her sister Bianca, who is a director of the Ayrton Senna Institute. After the presentation, the sculpture will become part of the collection of the Vatican Museum.

The commission for the Senna bust, called 'Meu Ayrton', came from the three-time world champion’s mother Neyde Senna three years ago, and the ceremony will be its public unveiling.

Ayrton Senna sculpture and Paula Senna Lalli

Senna Lalli said: “I was very proud to be given this mission by my grandmother, who wanted to portray the way he is remembered by the family with lots of warmth.

“I took on the challenge, even though I knew it would be hard: not many masterpieces like this are approved by our family, and even fewer by grandma [Senna's mother], who is known for having high standards.”

The ceremony will take place at the Vatican on Wednesday morning. Senna Lalli cannot attend due to family commitments as she has just had her second child.


Gallery: Ayrton Senna sculpture by Paula Senna Lalli