2015 Mercedes C-Class Coupe review: Executive elegance


If you don’t need the C-Class Saloon’s rear seats too often there’s a lot to like about this more elegant C-Class Coupe.

Body Style: 2 door coupe Seats: 4  MRP from £34,815-£53,180 

Did you know? Only the front wings and bonnet of the C-Class coupe are shared with its saloon relation.

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2015 Mercedes C-Class Coupe
Verdict 8.0 / 10

Looks and space, practicality and performance and luxury and cost-consciousness? If you want it all then you could do worse than a modern premium coupe, and the C-Class Coupe is among the very best. No, it’s not cheap by conventional measure, but it’s not expensive to run, looks sensational and is useful enough to run as an only car - even if you’ve got a couple of children. With an interior that’s nearly a match for Audi’s and dynamics that are up there with the BMW 4 Series there’s a lot to like here. Throw out the brochure for that saloon, then, and live a little… 

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