2017 McLaren 675LT Review


The limited edition McLaren 675LT evokes the spirit of its McLaren F1 LongTail namesake. Just 500 were built in coupe guise and every one could have been sold many times over such was the demand. Rightly so, as McLaren took the same approach it would to creating a racing car; the 675LT might be related to the 650S, but every area has been honed to remove weight, add speed and up the engagement. Power swells to 675hp, while the weight drops by 100kg - no mean feat given the 650S is already a light car. The net result of those changes is an incredible, captivating and sensationally quick supercar, which McLaren’s own development drivers say is a little bit too close to its own P1 hypercar performance for comfort.  


Body Style: Supercar             Seats: 2                               MRP from £259,000 


Did you know? McLaren’s weight saving measures get as freakishly obsessive to go so far as moving the window switches to shorten the wiring loom.

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 Verdict: ★★★★★★★★★ (8.6/10)

To produce the 675LT in the short history of McLaren Cars is nothing short of extraordinary, but then this is the company that produced the F1 as its first ever road car. The 675LT is, in all but top speed, faster than that iconic F1, underlining just how far we’ve come - and McLaren Automotive’s incredible attention to detail and focus. Although based on the 650S, the 675LT ups the ...