The MG4 is one of the best-selling electric cars in Europe. It comes in ninth in the 2023 sales rankings, with more than 2,000 units sold. There are many reasons for this success. First and foremost, its value for money. What's more, it comes with a long warranty, perfect dimensions for the C segment, good versatility and a price list that starts at just over £26,995.

Thanks to incentives in certain European countries, the price could even fall by as much as £11,000 (if all the right conditions are met). But let's go beyond the economic aspect and get to know this MG4 a little better.

MG4: platform and dimensions

MG, the historic British brand, has enjoyed a recent renaissance thanks to SAIC, which bought the brand in 2005 (Rover was also part of the deal) and is now coming to Europe with electric models and more. However, the MG4 is only available in a zero-emission version. It is based on the MSP (Modular Scalable Platform), which is reserved for electric vehicles. Designed for a wide range of vehicles, the MSP can be used for numerous models, from saloons to SUVs and sports cars, with wheelbases ranging from 2,650 to 3,100 mm.

XPOWER Electric MG4 (2023)

The Xpower version of the MG4

In terms of dimensions, the MG4 is 4.29 metres long, 1.84 metres wide and 1.51 metres high. It has a wheelbase of 2.7 metres and weighs between 1,635 and 1,803 kg, depending on the version.

  • Length: 4.30 metres
  • Width: 1.84 metres
  • Height: 1.51 metres
  • Wheelbase: 2.7 metres
  • Weight: 1,635 kg

MG4: space on board

Like all electric cars, the MG4 has a particularly large passenger compartment in relation to its exterior dimensions. This is due to its generous wheelbase (a combustion-powered car of the same length rarely achieves these values) and the absence of numerous mechanical parts that steal centimetres from the occupants and the load space.

The result is that in a car like the MG4, you can travel with five people without too many sacrifices. Even those who sit in the middle of the second row, thanks to the flat floor and a softly contoured seat, can cope with longer journeys without too much worry.


The load floor reaches 1,177 litres

The boot, meanwhile, has a capacity of 363 litres, which rises to 1,177 when the rear bench is folded down. The MG4, like many other electric cars, has no real load compartment at the front. However, it is possible to retrofit a tray to add an extra storage compartment, which in this case also has a discreet capacity.

  • Luggage compartment: 363/1,177 litres
  • Common trunk: n/a

MG4: software

One of the MG4's Achilles' heels, however, is the software. At first, the system had a few shortcomings. Today, things have improved, as infotelematics has been given a number of additional functions and certain bugs have been corrected. In addition, it is now compatible with OTA (over-the-air) updates, which will further enhance the user experience with versions available in the future.

The car is currently compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and has a fairly intuitive interface from which to access the various menu areas. Everything is controlled by a 10.25-inch touchscreen, which works well with the dedicated 7-inch instrument cluster behind the steering wheel.


MG4: battery and range

The MG4 arrives in the UK with three battery sizes. Starting with the 51 kWh battery available with the standard SE trim level, which guarantees a range of 323 miles. This battery is combined with a rear-mounted 170 PS electric motor. Next come the SE Long-Range and Trophy Long-Range versions, both with a 64 kWh battery and a 204 PS engine, also at the rear, with claimed ranges of 362 and 365 miles respectively.

Finally, for those who suffer from charging anxiety, there's the MG4 Trophy Extended Range: still rear-wheel drive, but with a more powerful engine (245 PS) and a 77 kWh battery. In this configuration, MG's Chinese crossover promises to travel up to 452 miles without having to stop at a recharging station.


MG4: recharging

The MG4 with a 51 kWh battery is fitted as standard with a 6.6 kW charger, but its DC charging power reaches 88 kW. The other versions, on the other hand, have an 11 kW AC charger and higher DC charging power, up to 140 kW.

Version Range AC (DC) charging
MG4 SE 51 kWh 323 miles 6.6 kW (88 kW)
MG4 SE Long Range 64 kWh 362 miles 11 kW (140 kW)
MG4 Trophy Long-Range 64 kWh 365 miles 11 kW (140 kW)
MG4 Trophy Ext. Range 77 kWh 452 miles 11 kW (140 kW)

MG4 price

The Standard version of the MG4, with its 51 kWh battery, has a starting price of £26,995. The MG4 SE Long Range, with a 64 kWh battery, costs £29,495, and the MG4 Trophy Long-Range (also with a 64 kWh battery), £32,495.

At the top of the range is the MG4 Trophy Extended Range, which reverts to rear-wheel drive but has a 77 kWh battery. It starts at £36,495.

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