2013 BMW X5 review: Posh and capable but old


The X5 is BMW’s big, luxurious SUV, and the Munich company’s competitor for the likes of the Range Rover Sport and Mercedes-Benz GLE. This is the third generation of a lineage that stretches back to 1999. A controversial vehicle at the time, it has matured into a luxurious, sophisticated SUV. It’s not much good off-road – but that’s hardly the point nowadays, is it?


Body Style: SUV                Seats: 5                     MRP from £48,140 -  £69,220


Did you know? BMW actually re-used the chassis and platform of the MkII X5 of 2006 for this generation. Doesn’t seem to have harmed it.

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Verdict 7.0 / 10

The second-generation X5 was something of a disappointment but this model has been a roaring success. It looks deeply handsome, has a terrific-looking, high quality cabin and it’s more or less brilliant to drive. There’s a wide range of engines available, but in the end the default-choice 30d 3.0-litre diesel is the best one.


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