2018 BMW M5 review: Fast, fun, not furious


If you like cars, you probably don’t need an introduction to the M5. The model name is virtually a brand in its own right, having stood for all that is great about supercar-fast four-door saloons since 1985. This one brings something new to the traditional rear-wheel drive super-saloon layout, with switchable four-wheel drive, to match similar tech found in key rivals – the Mercedes-AMG E63 S and Alpina B5.

Body Style: 5 door saloon     Seats: 5    MRP from £89,645 

Did you know? The Mk4 BMW M5 was the only version to have an estate Touring version, which was produced between 2007 and 2010. It was never offered for sale in North America, though, and BMW has no plans to offer an estate version of the M5 to rival the Mercedes-AMG E63 Estate.

2018 BMW M5
Verdict 8.0 / 10

The BMW M5 is a remarkable thing. Savage enough to worry proper supercars yet sumptuous enough in its interior finish and refinement levels to be a genuine alternative to fast limos. All while delivering the sort of handling precision and ability that would embarrass plenty of sports cars. Yet, there is an iota of disappointment on the road. The anodyne steering feel, the shortage of general theatre and naughtiness that a Merc E63 S delivers in barrel loads... Even so, if you want the most easy-living super-saloon you're looking at it, and if you can find a bit of Tarmac fast enough, it's...