2017 Bentley Continental GT Review


Introduced way back in 2003, the Bentley Continental GT is, as its name suggests, a Gran Turismo. It's for those who want their pace with grace and sumptuous, hand-finished luxury. Bentley has updated the car regularly to keep it relevant, though it’s due to be replaced completely before too long. Along with crushing pace, in either V8 or W12 guises with varying outputs, comes huge ability. All Continental GTs come with four-wheel drive and a slick automatic transmission. There are sharper sports cars and bigger, more accommodating GTs, but the Continental GT’s strength lies in its utterly rounded ability, as it's a luxury supercar you really can use every day and for any journey.  


Body Style: Coupe                   Seats: 4                              MRP from £140,300 -  £212,500


Did you know? Braking the Speed model from its 205mph top speed to a standstill disperses enough energy to light a family house for six hours.

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Verdict: ★★★★★★★☆☆☆ (6.9/10)

It might be getting on in years, but the Bentley Continental GT remains utterly relevant in the rarefied world of luxury sports, super and GT cars. It blends a mix of all into a very convincing whole, and while it’s not as sharp and engaging to drive as some, it’s incredibly capable, very fast and, crucially, remarkably easy to live with. Plenty of personalisation means each one can be uniquely specified,...