2016 Audi Q5 review: Hard to beat


SUVs have developed in such a way that the Audi Q5, a large car by most standards, is considered mid-sized. It’s a popular pillar of Audi’s range with great engines, advanced technology and comfortable seats, but there’s a premium to pay for all of its talents. It’s well built and luxurious, but many of its best features cost extra. 

Body Style: SUV                        Seats: 5                            MRP from £38.035 - £51,200


Did you know? To save costs, the standard seats on SE and Sport models are actually almost half fake leather


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Verdict 9.0 / 10

Even without options the Audi Q5 is a touch expensive, but the quality of the end product is the very highest in the class. It drives with such refinement and confidence thanks to a stiff structure and extremely capable, if optional, air suspension. The main problem Q5 buyers face is that to get the best from it they need to specify certain expensive extras, but Audi’s customers are generally willing to pay that price. Only the BMW X3 can rival it for its blend of strong engines, precise handling and excellent practicality. 

We Like

Immediate sense of quality throughout

Excellent driving dynamics for the class

Great engine range

We Don't Like


Too m...