2017 Volkswagen Beetle Review


The current Beetle is the spiritual successor to the best-selling single car model of all time. The Type 1 Beetle’s 22 million sales may have been eclipsed by the Golf and Toyota Corolla since, but those are sales of multiple types and variants – the original rear-engined, air-cooled Beetle was only ever one model line. Volkswagen resurrected the idea in 1999, using modern front-drive mechanicals, and the current model is the second generation of the ‘modern’ Beetle launched in 2011. Self-consciously cool and retro, it’s an affordably stylish way to get about.


Body Style: coupe             Seats: 4                   MRP from £17,210 - £25,780


Did you know? As with the last of the original Beetles, the current model is built at Volkswagen’s factory in Puebla, Mexico.

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Verdict: ★★★★★★★☆☆☆ (7.2/10)

The latest Beetle is a much more satisfying product than its 1999 forebear (and obviously far more modern and useable than a Type 1 original). It’s cool, stylish and just a little bit funky (even if the word ‘hipster’ will never be too far from some people’s lips…) and it’s better to drive by far than that 1999 version.

It’s limited by a lack of five doors (which, in fairness would spoil the styling) and a relatively staid line-up of engines. Dress the cabin up with options and it looks cool, but the basic versions are a bit too plain and functional for their own ...