As a relatively young brand, it is difficult to get a foot in the door and attract the attention of potential buyers. Emotions need to be generated and loyalty needs to grow from experiences. High-performance models and motorsport activities are popular ways of achieving this.

And Genesis is now blowing into this pipe with a vengeance. Back in March, four prototypes were shown at the New York Auto Show, which are intended to establish the new performance brand called Magma. It was precisely these four models that the Koreans brought to the Nürburgring for the first European contact. 

Gallery: Genesis G70 Track Taxi Nordschleife (2024)

They were close enough to look at and touch on the Ring Boulevard in the Eifel: GV80 Coupé Concept, G80 Magma Special, X Gran Berlinetta Concept and GV60 Magma Concept. The first prototypes from Genesis will form the spearhead of every model in the near future from the lively sports car to the performance luxury liner. "A symbiosis of performance and form", as Chief Creative Officer Luc Donckerwolke calls it.

And where better for performance and form to evoke emotions than in the Green Hell on the 20.832 kilometres of the legendary Nordschleife? That's why Genesis simply unleashes a demonstration vehicle in advance on the 73 bends and almost 300 metres of elevation gain and invites unsuspecting co-drivers for a "drive".

Genesis G70 Track Taxi Nordschleife (2024)

Genesis G70 Track Taxi Nordschleife (2024)

Hello Genesis G70 3.3 AWD race taxi - a vehicle that is not available to buy here in this form and has been individually approved for use on the Ring is intended to provide the emotional first contact with the high performers. With this car, the Koreans want to take the crown from the local Mercedes AMGs, Audis RS and BMW Ms. A car that motorsport veteran and Genesis partner Jacky Ickx describes as having "an incredible amount of character".

Well, he must know, after all, he drove in circles here for so long that, by his own admission, he was forced to become a good driver. So I simply sat down next to the professional Ring taxi driver (who was not Jacky Ickx) and waited to see what was in store for me. The two shining cars made an exclamation mark in advance when they came back in formation, just a handful of seconds later, behind the Porsche 911 GT3 RS that had started at the same time.

The 3.3-litre V6 produces 370 PS and reaches a top speed of 168 mph. Only a KW coilover suspension, stiffer axle bearings and OZ Estrema GT wheels, which are 2.5 kilograms lighter per wheel, were fitted for use on the track. Otherwise, everything else on the G70 is standard, as "HMETC Executive Expert" Alexander Eichler, who was involved in tuning the vehicle, assures me in a preliminary discussion. And my goodness, does this thing rock.

Genesis G70 Track Taxi Nordschleife (2024)

Genesis G70 Track Taxi Nordschleife (2024)

While the average car driver starts to think about braking, our taxi driver continues to talk about historic spots on the loop and the consequences of the driving behaviour of tourist drivers. In many places, he simply doesn't think about braking at all. The forces that act on people in this taxi alone are hard to imagine without having experienced them. A rollercoaster ride in the well-known amusement park attraction is like a ride in a pedal car.

Hyundai has already shown how the proximity to the Nürburgring has contributed to the popularity of the N models. Genesis is now following the same path and its brute tourist taxi should certainly appeal to a wide range of emotions. Whether they lead to leaps of joy or your lunch moving backwards out of the body, it will all be there. In any case, there are plenty of barf bags in the compartments of the side doors.

Bookings for the Genesis Track Taxi can be made from on 21 June, with the programme starting just under two weeks later on 6 July. A group of three people can take part in the programme for €180 (approx. £150). Anyone registering as an individual pays €120 (£100). The company will donate all of the proceeds to an organisation that will be specified later. Stomach-turning for a good cause. 

The Magma department at Genesis already has an idea in mind for a successor to the Track Taxi that will actually be available to buy. Although they haven't revealed it yet, they have certainly made it clear that it is part of the concepts already presented.

Anyone who wants to see them for themselves, both standing and in a dynamic state, will have the opportunity to do so at the Goodwood Festival of Speed from 11 to 14 July 2023. Not only will the four cars be on display there, the GV60 Magma Concept, Electrified G80 Magma Concept and the G70 Ring Taxi will tackle the infamous Hillclimb twice a day.