Scandinavia is the perfect destination for car enthusiasts to experience the fun of driving on ice, allowing them to improve their driving skills. As a customer and petrolhead, you have a lot to choose from. There is a wide plethora of ice driving schools across Norway, Sweden and Finland, which can be divided into two groups; organised by established automotive brands or by private companies.

With the 2024 season behind us, it is time to reflect on this year’s season and reconfirm that driving experiences on ice are a must for anyone who has a sheer passion for driving and cars. Located on frozen lakes across the Scandinavian region, the different experience centres offer enthusiasts from Europe and the Middle East the chance to experience their dream vehicle or daily driver on slippery ice surfaces.

AMG Experience on Ice 2024

AMG Experience on Ice

The AMG Academy occupies one of the centres you can opt for. Located close to the Arctic Circle, in a little town called Arjeplog, the Germans have created one of the best and most diverse experiences you can opt for. This year’s programme, which ran from January until March had an increased scope, featuring a series of different events and driving levels and accommodating anyone from beginners to experts.

For those of you not aware with the town of Arjeplog, it is important to note that the little town in Sweden, one hour north of Arvidsjaur, is home to a series of automotive test facilities. It is therefore not uncommon that when you are driving around in the neighbourhood, you bump into the latest new car models undergoing severe Winter testing, while wearing their signature black and white camouflage.

The first step of the experience is making your way to the airport in Arvidsjaur, which for many is an unique and long process on its own. The Germans offer the opportunity to fly from Stuttgart direct to the little airport in Sweden using a charter plane. Same options are available via Hannover and Munich, mainly used by engineers and other employees from major German car manufacturers. For those not located near any of these cities, there is the option to fly into Stockholm and using a local domestic airline bringing you up to Swedish Lapland.

AMG Experience on Ice 2024
AMG Experience on Ice 2024
AMG Experience on Ice 2024

AMG Lodge

The team from AMG awaits your arrival at the airport and will transfer you to hotel locations near Arjeplog. The one-hour transfer will take you through lovely arctic scenery and depending on the package you have chosen, you are dropped off at either a local hotel or AMG’s own lodge, which is situated on top of a local hill, providing a fantastic view over Winter wonderland.

The AMG Experience, like any of the local testing facilities and experience centres, have their own ice-covered lake, called Lake Galtisjaure, situated ten minutes from the lodge. Dotted across the immense area, a large number of handling courses are prepared for the participants on an ice sheet more than 60 centimetres thick with names connecting to famous race tracks such as Estoril, Salzburgring and the Nordschleife at the Nürburgring.

Participants were this year able to opt for seven courses. There were three entry-level ‘Performance’ courses offered over three or four days. The two intermediate courses, called Advanced, are four and five days long. The two top-tier courses are Pro and Pro Plus. The portfolio of AMG models on offer this year included the brand-new Mercedes-AMG GT Coupé, along with 45 S 4MATIC+, C 63 S E Performance, GT 63 S 4MATIC+ 4-door coupé, SL 63 4MATIC+ and the GT 63 4MATIC+ Coupé.

Experienced AMG instructors, like five-time Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters champion, and a Mercedes Brand Ambassador, Bernd Scheider provide guidance on the prepared handling circuit and intensively hone your skills, even supported by data and video analysis. The highlight at the end of the final day is a ride in the AMG Ice Taxi, and as a cherry on the cake a professional photographer is on site. You will receive photos of you going sideways after you are back home.

AMG Experience on Ice 2024

Best of the best

After having experienced a wide range of driving experiences over the last ten years, I can share from a personal point of view that the AMG driving academy is able to offer one of the best experiences. My two days on site were a blast and a lot of fun. The level in which the wonderful hospitable team is able to make you feel at home at the lodge and behind the wheel of a large range of performance cars is something that not many experience centres are able to offer. AMG’s offer is quite unique in that respect.

The intensive multi-day packages are filled with loads of driving fun, excellent local cuisine, wonderful conversations and a great arctic themed hospitality, including a sauna and time at the bar allowing you to share your experience. The most important factor is of course the fact that you will learn the ultimate ice driving techniques such as braking, power drifting, and car control in a way that you can’t easily do at home, and that makes these ice driving experiences so worthwhile. Of course, they come at a hefty price and might not be for everyone, but those that do opt for a number of days on the ice with AMG will walk away with an endless smile and highly improved driving skills.

AMG Experience on Ice 2024

Other winter experience

New for this year was the G-Class Winter Expedition taking you across Sweden and across the Arctic Circle. The team at AMG explained to me that over a period of four days, you would experience a drive between the northern cities of Arvidsjaur and Kiruna. In the evening, accommodation is offered in top-class hotels including an overnight stay in an icehotel and a snowmobile tour in the dark.

Oh and during the day you can drive a Mercedes-Benz G 500 or Mercedes-AMG G 63. Another experience I would definitely not want to miss next time. Maybe something for next year when AMG plans to return with their range of Winter experiences. In the meantime, the Germans will offer a range of summer driving and motorsport experiences with a few more surprises arriving soon on the AMG Academy’s event calendar.

AMG Experience On Ice 2024