This is the umpteenth time the SF90 family has made us dream at, raising the bar even higher on everything that revolves around the concept of speed and power for a production car.

In fact, this XX is the perfect link between Ferrari's sporting activities and its discerning clientele, as this SF90 is officially the fastest road-going Ferrari ever to lap Fiorano in 1 minute 17 seconds 309 thousandths, an incredible achievement thanks to extreme aerodynamics (which you can learn more about in the video produced by our Italian colleagues - sorry, no English subtitles) called upon to handle an astonishing 1,016 bhp and a 0-100 km/h covered in 2.3 seconds: crazy!

Extreme compromise

The complexity when designing ever more extreme cars is not to make them too reactive, discursive, discontinuous, but to make sure that the 'linearity' of the reactions of such a hypercar is exploitable by those who are experienced and seek maximum performance, but also by less daring customers who just want to 'go fast'.

Still scrolling through the data sheet you'll find on our site as well as Ferrari's, you'll notice some figures that confirm somewhat contradictory traits of this XX: its top speed is in fact 199 mph (320 km/h) and no higher than, say, the 211 mph (340 km/h) of the 'Normal' Stradale.

The same applies to the weight: compared to the Assetto Fiorano, the XX is only slightly lighter, coming in at 1,560 kg. This is because, admittedly, they have removed and optimised so much, but the aerodynamic 'additions' are also notable and weigh both in terms of performance and total mass.

"Pleased to meet you, my name is Extra-boost".

On the Fiorano Modenese track, coming out of corners is one of the most important parts to keep an eye on driving the XX because, while we already know the CT-OFF well, the e-MANETTINO here adds the Qualifying function that brings with it the extra-boost, an extra push that accompanies you from the apex to the maximum explosion of power and torque (perhaps with the wheels straight).

Ferrari SF90 XX, la prova

Ferrari SF90 XX, the test

Obviously, the intervention of the extra boost goes up according to the map chosen, more severe in CT-OFF where the rear end becomes more 'active', an additional power and a way of delivering it (at the front) that clamours for chronometric performance and, less so, 'dirty' driving.

Rain, I don't fear you!

But in addition to the power, what impressed me in these extremely variable weather conditions was the set-up with the suspension that, on the XX, has dedicated elastic stiffnesses and kinematic angles compared to the Stradale... but like the Stradale, the XX also boasts semi-active damping and therefore also a front lifter, but if you want you can also opt for passive damping here, as on the Assetto Fiorano, no lifter and a few kilos less.

Then, never, ever, would I have imagined thanking the rain, which fell heavily in one of my driving sessions in which, however, thanks to it, I appreciated the work done on the electronics, both in the wet - which goes without saying - but above all in SPORT, the confidence the SF90 XX gave me was very high, with very few flaws and an infinitesimally precise progression in power delivery, thanks also to the Bridgestone Potenzas fitted in the rain, in place of the Cup 2 R used in the dry, again in 255/35 up front and 315/30 at the rear, on 20-inch rims.

Thanks ABS EVO

You don't get to the record here at Fiorano without the right brakes, and while the carbon ceramic braking system with 398 mm front discs and 390 mm rear discs is the same as the other SF90s, the braking management on the XX gets an upgrade thanks to ABS EVO, already used on the 296 GTB.

Integration with the 6W-CDS sensor in fact raises the limit of the XX's braking potential, in all conditions both on the straight and when longitudinal deceleration is added to the demand for lateral stability.

Ferrari SF90 XX, la prova

The Ferrari SF90 XX on track

An XX that is also 'front-mounted' and silent...

A maximum of 230 electric bhp is available (in addition to the 786 bhp of the V8), but the power reserve is never zero. Roughly speaking, you could say that the power provided by the XX is always close to 1,000 bhp, kw + or kw-, with these latest-generation lithium-ion batteries that guarantee up to 25 km (15.5 mph) of all-electric driving... with front-wheel drive and up to 135 km/h (84 mph).

Here in this part of the video it doesn't look like I'm talking about the fastest Ferrari road car ever... but in fact it's the same plug-in hypercar that via the eManettino can be FERO or VELLUTO... or a balanced mix of the two, with the electric mode being the one that, despite everything, socially nowadays helps certain customers start their Ferrari on Sunday mornings without complaint, often going silently unnoticed... which is exactly the opposite of what we were used to with a Ferrari, let alone an XX, but that's reality.

Ferrari SF90 XX, la prova

Ferrari SF90 XX

Prices: I thought worse

The aerodynamics have dictated a style specifically created for the XX, which we've already covered in an ad hoc video, with my favourite part now being the rear, with the wing and full-width headlight being a killer combo.

On the interior, simplicity, clarity of presentation, Alcantara and carbon play the starring role, with the lightness set in the new racing seats with their tubular carbon fibre structure that has saved 1.3 kg compared to the SF90 monocoque seats, and these also boast adjustable backrests, which are spatial... as are the prices of the two SF90 XX variants.

The SF90 XX Coupe and Spider will be produced in 799 and 599 examples respectively, while the price list (which I really thought would be even more prohibitive) starts at €770,000 (approx. £671,00) for the version I tested, excluding the optional extras of course, while for the even rarer Spider you need at least €850,000 (£741,000), with the million euro price tag being well exceeded by this type of clientele that, quite rightly, usually likes to make hypercars born to become much more than tame instant-classics.

Gallery: Ferrari SF90 XX, the test

Ferrari SF90 Stradale

Engine 3.990 V8 90° - Biturbo
Output 1.030 CV
Transmission Doppia frizione 8 rapporti
Drive Type 4WD
Battery 7,9 kWh
Speed 0-100 KPH 2,3 secondi
Maximum speed 320 km/h
EV Range 25 km
Weight 1.560 kg