Lucid Motors are a new automaker and, regardless of funding, it can be challenging for startups to immediately meet the build standards set by traditional manufacturers. Chicago Auto Pros recently had the chance to check out a Lucid Air Grand Touring and see how it fared when it came to build quality.

The detailer noted the Air has soft paint, meaning it can scratch easily. The exterior piano black trim can also be prone to scratches. Some tiny paint splashes appeared to be on the front grill. The seal above one of the wheel arches wasn't fully secured either. If you wanted to tint the Air's windows it would not be easy given the thickness and layout of the glass. Several other trim pieces also appear to be loose. Overall there are few exterior panel gaps.

Inside the fit and finish quality is good. The interior quality appears to be much better than the exterior, although the infotainment wasn't discussed.

The detailer concluded that he liked the Air, although he wasn't sure if was $140k (approx. £110,700) quality just yet. Lucid is only a few months into production however, and build quality will surely only get better and better as more cars are made.