One of our favourite YouTube presenters is at it again. Rory Reid seems to have a mission to help people navigate the automotive industry. In this recent video published by Auto Trader, he discusses the ins and outs of buying a used electric car.

A used car is a solid option for many folks, so it makes sense to consider used EVs. That said, there are details you need to know, and times are changing. The new and used car markets are facing interesting obstacles of late, which makes advice like this even more appropriate.

Automakers are facing supply constraints that are impacting new car sales. People are finding that they might need to turn to the used car market if they need a vehicle right away. However, since used car demand is up and inventory is low, prices on the used market are climbing.

Used EVs, which used to be available with incredible deals, are now much more expensive. That said, analysts are beginning to see used car prices slowly dropping as a whole, so perhaps EVs will eventually follow suit.

Reid bought the cheapest electric car available on Auto Trader, a first-gen Nissan Leaf. He goes over the car's pros and cons as well as the prospect of buying a used EV, in general.

Like any topic, there are a lot of variables here. Whether or not a used EV is right for you not only comes down to your budget and priorities, but also where you live, which used EVs you're considering buying, and much more. The video focuses primarily on the used Leaf, though some information may apply to a variety of older, cheaper used EVs.

Reid has been driving the Leaf exclusively for a few weeks now. He admits that the car looks a bit hideous, its charging port is in a weird location and can't be opened with a keyfob, and there's no frunk. However, he loves the Leaf's spacious interior and hatch, which allow him to drop off the kids (and their gear) at school. 

Despite negative views about the Leaf's battery pack, the used Leaf seems to be working just fine. In fact, Reid says the 10-year-old car feels and drives as if it's brand new. It's peppy, there are no squeaks or rattles, and it still has a decent amount of range.

Prior to spending time with his used Leaf, Reid published the following video when he was buying the cheapest electric car on Auto Trader. Watch the video for more details.