When I had the chance to drive the Mercedes-Benz EQC last year, what struck me was just how luxurious and unique it felt inside, even though it was just a heavily reengineered GLC and not a ground-up EV. This made me look forward to those Mercedes-Benz EVs that were built from the onset as EVs, and the first such model is the newly released EQS flagship saloon.

Based on what people who have had a chance to experience the EQS are saying, the vehicle certainly lives up to expectations, not only in terms of doing the important EV things right (range, charging speed and performance). According to the Fully Charged Show, the EQS could very well be single the most luxurious electric car currently available, and if you check out their detailed view review of the vehicle, it’s not hard to see why they reached this conclusion.

The first thing a modern luxury car needs to do well is ensure occupants feel special and are cocooned in expensive-feeling materials, as well as shielded from outside noises. The EQS certainly delivers on this and adds unique feature such as automatically-closing doors, screens all across the dash and the kind of interior room that you might associate with an even longer-wheelbase saloon.

This will certainly make the blob-like exterior with short front and rear sections and an enlarged greenhouse more palatable. But even in spite of the strange proportions, the EQS is a thoroughly competitive electric luxo barge, even if its straight line performance is nowhere near as impressive as its level of luxury (until the AMG variant comes along with what is expected to be over 700 bhp, that is).