Should you want to buy a small, posh electric city car in Europe, you now have three main choices: the MINI Cooper SE, the Honda e and, the most recent of the bunch, the Fiat 500e. They are all fairly evenly matched on paper, although each has its positives and unique points that set it apart from the rest.

Lovecars got all three together to test them and see which one is their pick. The Fiat 500e has the best range, the MINI is the quickest and most fun to drive and the Honda e is also quite fun to throw around and it looks like no other car on the market. The three presenters put the cars through several challenges designed to test their capability in town, even though the first part of the video is shot on an airstrip (where they do a a turning radius test and a drag race).

Then they move out to the public roads, where they are put through more real-world tests. Based on their findings presented in this video, choosing one of these three cars is actually quite a tall order because they’re all actually really rather good in their own right.