Positive reviews for the Ford Mustang Mach-E are popping up all over the place. Automotive journos are driving the new sporty electric crossover from the Blue Oval and they are all having a blast behind the wheel, they also appreciate the tech and the cool, quirky touches that can be found throughout.

And regardless of where the Mach-E is reviewed, opinions generally coincide and are generally quite positive. This one by Top Gear, who reviewed the crossover in the United Kingdom is no exception. The British publication found the battery powered crossover great to drive, well thought out and comfortable (apart from its low speed ride) and it was deemed a very important model for the brand, maybe one of the most important in its recent history.

The only thing about it is that while sporty, it’s not really a Mustang. The reviewer actually says you need to look past the badging and the Mustang-esque detailing and just view it as Ford’s foray into the world of sporty electric crossovers and in that light, it makes even more sense. Make sure to check out our own detailed, in-depth review of the Mach-E, as well the dozens of others we’ve featured on the site.