At the east end of Badlands National Park, just past the I-90 on-ramp, sits the Minuteman Missile Visitors Center. This site commemorates South Dakota's history as the home of numerous silos containing Minuteman nuclear missiles. Their presence served as a deterrent to a first strike by the USSR during the Cold War. it has many artifacts from this part of recent history, from nuclear missile control panels to part of the Berlin Wall. My favorite part was a piece of art that looked like a Domino's logo but instead contained a Minuteman missile. It read, "Worldwide delivery in 30 minutes or less or your next one is free." It's amazing we got through the Cold War alive.

A bit farther east along I-90 you can also visit the Delta-09 missile silo to see such a facility for yourself. It contains a life-size replica missile and has been sealed off to satisfy Russian missile inspectors.