The SV650 has built a reputation for being a pretty straightforward, easy-to-get-on bike with just enough gut to be fun and to provide first-time riders with a good starter. While the bike is usually recognized for its sport naked silhouette—though it did get a full sport fairing at some point in its history—it seemed a good place to start for Suzuki’s first and shy incursion in the world of retro design.

Granted, the brand does have a few vintage-inspired models on the fleet, but they are small displacement bikes (think Van Vann 200 and TU250X). Suzuki is the only company that hasn’t succumbed to the call of history and hasn’t introduced a proper vintage-looking model. What the company did instead is take the SV650’s blank canvas and give it a special spin. FOr 2019, the US market is getting the SV650X which is a standard SV fitted with a rounded cowl, a tuck-and-roll saddle, and clip-ons. The model’s specs don’t change—aside from the new-to-the-lineup adjustable front fork.