Usually, I’m not a big fan of concept vehicles, especially when they have been designed with the single mission of previewing a brand’s design direction for the future. These are often futuristic studies that have literally no connection with real life’s cars and simply look overdone. In some rare cases, however, a concept car can really be intriguing - like Renault’s Morphoz showcar that was planned to debut at the cancelled 2020 Geneva Motor Show.

In theory, the concept is just an all-electric SUV but, in reality, it’s a transformable high-riding coupe-crossover mashup. And by transformable, I mean it seriously - it can change its physical dimensions within seconds by more than 15 inches to allow for an extra battery pack to be fitted. When in City mode, it’s short and manoeuvrable but if you want to go on a trip, it can become roomier and more comfortable with a longer range and a bigger boot.

I doubt this is the future of the car - having such a complicated expandable mechanism would probably be a huge challenge to produce and the price won’t be affordable enough for it to be a tech that could go mainstream. It’s nice to see that at least someone in the industry is thinking out of the box though.

– Anthony Karr, Contributing Writer