The Belgian Grand Prix at the lauded Spa-Francorchamps circuit is one of the most iconic on the Formula 1 calendar. The event has surged in popularity in the wake of local hero Max Verstappen’s ascent, leading to an electric atmosphere throughout the Grand Prix weekend.

The length and topography of Spa-Francorchamps offers multiple viewing spots for hardy spectators (walking boots and clothes for all possible weather is a must), with grandstands available at the La Source hairpin, breath-taking Eau Rouge complex or sweeping Pouhon section, where a bespoke seating area is available as part of a Fan Stand package purchasable through Motorsport Live.

Stavelot is home to Spa-Francorchamps’ official museum, which features a collection of awe-inspiring cars from several motorsport disciplines and a history of the circuit, including a guide to the still-intact old track layout, which is a must-visit for any Formula 1 aficionado.

Best For: Surely top of the bucket list for any motorsport fan? Tick this one off and you’ve ticked off the doyenne.

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