Okay, so we're sort of cheating here, because this isn't just unavailable to UK buyers, it's unavailable to anyone who isn't called Scott Speed, Patrik Sandell, or Chris Atkinson.

To cut to the chase, the VT19x is a racing car. More specifically a rallycross car, which will compete in the Americas Rallycross series this year. It may look like the S209 we've just looked at, but this time power is closer to 600 bhp, while 0-60 is handled in an F1-killing 1.9 seconds.

Price-wise – and we don't know why we're telling you, because you can't have it – it's a lot higher than the $50,000 (£40,000) or so you'll have to pay for the S209. Expect it to be north of $650,000 (£500,000).

At least this time they got the colour combination right, with the iconic pairing of Subaru WR Blue Pearl paint and gold wheels adorning the car, along with a bight yellow Subaru logo on the side. That's right, it's a return to competition for the colours made famous by the company’s World Rally Championship programme in the 1990s and 2000s.

"These colours are part of our brand’s history, and beloved by our enthusiasts," said Alan Bethke, Vice President of Marketing for Subaru of America. "For a generation of rally fans, Subaru is synonymous with blue cars, gold wheels and the iconic star cluster. This new design pays tribute to that heritage, while looking ahead to future success under the Subaru Motorsports name."

It looks the part – now put number plates on it, and put one in a container heading to the UK for us to play with please.