Another 'most powerful ever' from Detroit – this time it's Subaru's turn to add more horses to its fastest car.

The WRX STI (not an Impreza any more, remember – that's a boring normal car these days) was already a potent tool, but now there's this S209 version.

The 2.5-litre flat-four engine produces 341 bhp, around 40 bhp more than the regular WRX STI, and there's big Brembo brakes behind the car's BBS wheels to keep all the power in check. Thankfully, unlike most performance cars these days, the car comes with a six-speed manual gearbox only. Rejoyce!

Other details – a widebody bodykit inspired by Subaru's Nürburgring lap time record-breaker; a carbon fibre roof, much alcantara, and two colour options – blue or white. There's also two colours for the wheels, but for reasons that escape us they appear to have got a bit mixed up. Grey wheels come with the blue option, while the gold wheels come with the white... which is just plain wrong.

Just 200 will be making their way to the US, which is roughly 200 more than we'll be getting.