Back in the days when Bond was better known as a book series rather than a big-budget action movie franchise, the spy drove a Bentley.

In the 1953 novel Casino Royale, Bond drove a 1931 4.5-litre ‘Blower’ Bentley. The book describes the car as Bond’s “only personal hobby”.

"Bond drove it hard and well and with an almost sensual pleasure," reads the novel.

Nowadays Bond is more synonymous with Aston Martin. The switch came in 1953 book Goldfinger, after a reader sent a letter to author Ian Fleming demanding that he "have the decency to fix him up with a decent bit of machinery."

The Bentley was out, replaced with an Aston Martin DB3, and when the film came along 11 years later, the car was updated to the DB5, and the rest is history.

Now with the Bond films onto their 25th iteration, and the modern-day Bentley Continental GT into its second generation, why can’t Britain’s most beloved spy go back to his roots?