Ah yes, the R107. Not only is this generation the undisputed king of the SL Class for longevity, but it’s also the second-longest single-generation production run in all of Mercedes' history - behind the equally famous G-Class. Through its 18 years, the R107 SL saw numerous changes and firsts for the mark, including the introduction of a V8 engine that started at 3.5 litres in size and evolved to 5.6 litres. The whole car grew in fact, eventually tipping the scales at just under 1.6 tonnes.

Still, the sports car remained a delight despite the extra size and weight, and many still regard it as one of the most attractive SL generations of them all. It wasn’t a slouch either, with upwards of 240 horsepower ultimately available from its optional 5-litre V8 engine.