Saab isn't the only car maker with a history in aviation. So too (among others) does Rolls-Royce. The car manufacturer and aerospace company were one and the same from their founding in 1906 until 1973 when the car-making division (including the Bentley brand) was split off, then sold in 1980 to Vickers. In 1998, Volkswagen bought Bentley and the factory, and BMW bought Rolls-Royce. Meanwhile the aerospace division – now known as Rolls-Royce Holdings – has grown into one of the world's largest aircraft engine manufacturers. One of its jet engines, appropriately enough, has found its way back into a car (of sorts). The Bloodhound SSC aims to set a new land speed record, propelled by the EJ200 turbofan that Rolls-Royce helps produce for the Eurofighter Typhoon fighter jet.