The headlining feature of MBUX is its unnamed virtual assistant. While it can accept addresses for the navigation and tune to your favorite radio station via voice control like similar setups, Mercedes has added the kind of capability anyone with an Amazon Echo or Google Home will recognize. In addition to a broader range of vehicle systems that can be controlled by voice – including the ambient lighting and heated seats, for example – MBUX can answer complicated questions using cloud-based computing.

Want to know who won the FA Cup in 1997 or what the capital of of Kenya is? MBUX can tell you (it's Chelsea and Nairobi). And it can do so by responding to natural phrasing, so there’s no need to stick to a predetermined set of commands or question style. Simply say “Hey Mercedes,” wait for MBUX to respond, and then issue your query.

The system isn’t perfect, though. It isn't entirely clear which vehicle systems MBUX can control, and even if you ask a question it should know, the system may not recognize it. MBUX is also too sensitive to its wake word – so much as mutter the word “Mercedes” and it will pop up, ready to help.