BMW says that it is going to make the camo print made famous during the testing of its new X2 SUV available on the production car in a surprise move. 

A BMW release promoting the fact said: 'In this colour finish the BMW X2 boldly reflects an extrovert lifestyle; at the same time the wrapping protects the vehicle from damage caused by stone chip.'

When it comes to the design of the X2, this is only enhanced by the new camouflage look: 'The classic dual circular elements of the LED daytime driving light and the fog lamps peer out of the camouflage like the eyes of a hunting predator. In combination with wheel arches that give an even more flared impression, this makes for an overall profile that is very powerful. The BMW X2 appears to be ready to pounce at any time.'

BMW says that the digital camo takes four days to apply and the price is available on demand.