Seat launched a new special edition Arona in time for 1 April – the Copper Edition car features a number of special touches inside and out, but it's main feature is the fact that it runs on pennies.

Recent rumours from the government have suggested that the UK's copper coins might be scrapped, in which case Britain could find itself with over 15 billion redundant 1p and 2p pieces. Rather than see them melted down Seat has found a way to keep these soon-to-be historical artefacts motoring on for years to come.

Rhea Sonible-Price, product manager at Seat UK commented: 'Research shows that some of our customers are understandably brassed off that copper coins could disappear forever, but here at Seat we’re convinced there’s a new lease of life to be had for these little bits of history as part of the workings of a cutting-edge, modern car.

'The Arona already boasts highly competitive running costs, but pound-for-pound there’s little to touch this latest edition of our fabulous crossover in terms of style, value and economy. Although coin-driven, there’s no compromise on power, security or the Arona’s impressive driving ability. There really isn’t a better way to spend a penny when it comes to buying a new car.'