Hyundai went to a lot of trouble to produce a memorable entry to the year's April Fool's roster – this one comes with video.

Hyundai says that during testing of the i30N it came up with a new testing surface to analyse tyre prints...made out of chocolate. 

Hyundai says that the corner of the test track – created by mixing cocoa, butter and milk and called Cacao Corner – can be removed and refrigerated to create a long-lasting record of previous testing results. These samples are traditionally responsibly disposed of by Hyundai’s engineers during Easter.

Hyundai’s chief materials engineer, Cara Mell, said: 'At Hyundai we create almost everything needed to produce our cars, including the steel, the robots, and the ships to transport them. So, it only makes sense that we create our own track-testing surfaces, including the unique butter, milk and cocoa mixture used for Cacao corner. The team of people that develops the mixture is among the most dedicated in the business, but they do tend to go a bit quiet over the Easter period…'