You can get fancy Bose headrest-mounted speakers on the Nissan Micra, but this latest tech from Skoda promised a delightful world of silence for harassed parents. 

The Czech company's new QuarrelKancel technology features in-built speakers that can be deployed by the driver 'within seconds of a rear-seat fracas breaking out'.

Skoda said that the new option was available exclusively on its new Karoq SUV. The noise-cancelling headrests are activated at the touch of a button via the infotainment system but can also work in automatic mode, and will listen for the first signs of an argument.

Skoda said that the system was conceived by its chief of family relations, Professor Si Lence and special projects leader, Dr April Fürst. 'To create this technology, we recruited a ŠKODA ‘Scream Team’ – a group of volunteers dedicated to solving this global parenting issue,' explained Lence.

'We tested 1,000 families over 10,000 miles and identified that 80dB, the sound equivalent of a vacuum cleaner, is the pitch most unbearable for parents,' added Fürst.