We're not exactly sure what the production version of the Mission E will look like, but our crack artists have pieced together an early look at the proposed production model. Using spy photos and the original concept as its base, the rendering previews a vehicle that draws obvious cues from the 2015 concept, as well as a few elements from the rest of the lineup.

The front end will be highlighted by a long, sloping hood similar to the Panamera, with a small vent located between the front splitter and the number plate, similar to the original concept. Something similar to the quad LED headlight design is expected to carry over, as we’ve seen on other Porsche vehicles like the new Cayenne SUV, with the possibility of vertical accent vents at each corner.

Many of the same design elements on the rear of the vehicle should carry over from the Mission E concept, as well as the futuristic, luxurious cabin.