The idea of sitting in a bullet-shaped bathtub with a chum’s genitals smooshed into your back while you slide, mostly out of control, down a hill made of ice is not a good one, frankly. It's scary, brutal, and requires competitors to wear what looks like a multi-coloured, full-body condom to participate.

But what if you wanted to do something similar in a car? To this end bobsleigh rather like the Caterham 620R - a foolishly powerful Caterham complete with sequential gearbox. Sounds unfeasibly good fun. And it is. Until it loses traction and tries to kill you, which it will do on that corner, and that crest, and that seemingly perfectly dry stretch of road, and on that small patch of water, and quite possibly while you're sleeping peacefully in your bed and it's parked on the driveway.

If you relish the prospect of being barely in control, pretty much all of the time and at phenomenal speeds, the Caterham 620R is the car for you. And you don't even have to wear a full-body condom.