In the aftermath of a horrific New York pile-up.

A woman was saved the burning wreck of her car by fellow motorists after she was caught in a horrific pile-up in New York State last week, as seen in the footage above.

The crash occurred on Route 17 in Binghamton, when a semi-truck suffered brake failure and ploughed through the heavy traffic. A total of ten vehicles were involved in the resulting pile-up, including the camera car which suddenly speeds up and is pushed around by the truck.

As the truck flashes past the camera car, we get a momentary glimpse of the severity of the crash, as the truck is pushing along what remains of Chevrolet Tahoe. It seems likely to be the first vehicle the truck hit, crushing it as far forward as the front doors. Incredibly, there were no fatalities, including with woman in the white sedan that caught fire.

Her car comes to rest up against the concrete center divider and almost immediately catches fire, presumably the result of a fuel leak. As everyone comes to terms with what has just happened, it takes a minute or so for anyone to come to her aid. But a number of people are soon attempting to free her from the wreck and put out the fire with extinguishers. At that point, it only takes a few seconds to get her out. Remarkably, she suffered minor cuts and bruises.

Binghamton mayor Rich David posted the video on Facebook and wrote: “In a time of crisis, these brave individuals navigated through flames and broken glass to save a stranger’s life. On behalf of our entire community, I commend these unsung heroes as well as our local police, fire, and EMS first responders. Binghamton is safer because of you.”

According to local news outlet WNEP, ten people were taken to hospital, two with serious but not life-threatening injuries. The driver of the semi-truck, 74-year old Allen Kirkpatrick from Pennsylvania, was cited for driving an unsafe vehicle.  

Source: WNEP