Just like the automotive industry, the motorcycle world is always searching for innovations in every aspect. The latest update we’ve seen worth noticing in the technical area is the recently launched new generation of Harley-Davidson's Milwaukee-Eight engine.

Technical improvements are a big thing, we agree, but breakthrough designs are equally important. That's why TT Custom Chopper, a custom motorcycle design company based in Istanbul, Turkey, has created this impressive concept, merging sports bikes and crusiers into a new style. The concept is called TT Nasty Tiger and is designed by the studio's Olcay Tuncay Karabulut designer.

“With its elongated frame and stretched fork, the concept offers the low-rider looks of custom choppers,” Karabulut told us. “On the other hand, the sleek design elements give it a sporty character. In the motorcycle world, these two ideas generally don’t mix together. But this new generation chopper is designed with the purpose of breaking this taboo,” he added.

New Gen TT Chopper Concept

On the technical side, the bike has a twin-cylinder, air-cooled engine nesting in the middle of the chassis. Producing 115 horsepower (85 kilowatts) and 120 pound-feet (162 Newton meters) of torque, the unit channels the power through a manual transmission.

Karabulut explains the Nasty Tiger is also hiding some tech improvements inside. “Having higher reliability and increased output, TT Nasty Tiger provides better technical specs than normal. Also, to achieve a better heat distribution, we used oil jets for piston cooling.” he added.

Aside from its sleek and intriguing looks, the chopper also promises a good ride. Offered in two-tone black and white color, the TT Nasty Tiger would definitely turn some heads when cruising down the roads.

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