Took place on the streets of Hamburg, Germany.

Organized for the first time in 2001, the ‘Smart times’ event has traveled to a different city each year. For the 2016 celebrations, fans of the Daimler-owned marque all gathered on the streets of Hamburg to try and take down the world record for the largest parade of Smart cars. No less than 1,635 vehicles took part in the parade which was organized for the first time in Germany and managed to improve the record established two years ago in Cascais, Portugal when 1,427 formed the parade.

Those who attended the Smart times 2016 had the opportunity to check out live a wide variety of regular models, limited editions, and one-offs, ranging from a ‘popemobile’ to a special car clad in wood. There was also an off-road Smart with a massive ground clearance and chunky tires, along with a super-rare Crossblade of which only 2,000 units were ever made. Looking at the attached pics, we’re not seeing some of the odd Smarts we have covered over the years, such as the six-wheeled limousine from 2015, or the pickup truck that showed up on eBay earlier this year, also with three axles.

In total, an impressive 3,167 people from all over the world joined the festivities, representing a significant increase compared to last year’s event in Budapest, Hungary when 2,476 participants came together, with 1,207 Smart cars taking part in the parade.

2016 Smart parade in Hamburg
2016 Smart parade in Hamburg
2016 Smart parade in Hamburg

Looking ahead, the event set to be organized in 2017 is going to take place in the city of Salou, Spain where Smart is going to attempt to improve this year’s record. Perhaps the next gathering will also include some of the company’s forthcoming new models, such as the all-electric ForTwo Coupe expected to be unveiled in the near future based on a roadmap released by Mercedes last month. It’s going to be joined sometime next year by equivalent zero-emissions versions of the ForTwo Cabrio and the ForFour.

Source: Smart

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