This is a very lucky dog. During the Santa Cruz Rally in Bolivia, the pup somehow made its away onto the course during competition. Making matters even worse, there was a vehicle speeding down the road, so officials weren’t able to remove the dog from the track.  Plus, the canine was just past a blind corner, which gave the driver little time to react.

Thankfully, this potentially awful incident had a happy ending. Somehow the pup ran just into the right spot for the racer to sail right over top.

The dog is clearly shaken afterwards and begins running away, but at least the mutt is alive. The results could have been much worse if the pup were just a little further or closer to the car. Once the course was clear, an official began running after the canine to get the animal off the road. After surviving one brush with death, the dog had probably run out of luck to live through another close call.

Even if you’re not flying down a dirt road in a rally car, remember when behind the wheel to keep an eye out for our furry friends. The pets and their owners would definitely appreciate it.

Via: Adam Cooper