Meeting your idols is always inspiring. It’s turning into a real celebration when your hero is a super nice and friendly guy, who is always happy to talk to his fans.

And this is the case with Christian von Koenigsegg – the founder, ideologist, and CEO of Swedish supercar brand Koenigsegg. YouTuber Spencer Berke was lucky enough to spend a couple of minutes with him at small Koenigsegg gathering, where the Swede arrived with his own Regera. Berke briefly shared the emotion of seeing such a supercar close and personal, and Christian agreed it’s very “different” from what we see on the internet.

The legend says Koenigsegg was inspired to create the perfect sports car after watching an animated film, which features a local bicycle mechanic, making his own race car. When he was six years old, he had what he describes as “one of the best days of his life,” after driving a go-kart for the first time in his life. And the love of everything fast was born.

Several years later, he started his first summer job at a Suzuki dealership near Stockholm in Sweden, cleaning cars. In the meantime, he was tuning mopeds and was already well-known in his area. After several years of researching and planning, he launched the Koenigsegg brand in 1994 – now one of the most recognized supercar brands in the world. 

Source: Spencer Berke