Surely it’s the ultimate gearhead dream: owning a racetrack. Somewhere you can exercise your cars whenever you want, for free. Well, free once you’ve paid for the place.

And now there’s an opportunity to realize that dream as the Accelaquarter Raceway in Harrisburg, Illinois has come onto the market for the princely sum of $1.2 million.

The one-eighth-mile (200-meter) dragstrip was completely rebuilt in 2013 by the current owner, no doubt at not inconsiderable expense. As well as a resurfaced track, the facility has 2000 feet (600m) of shut down, an air-conditioned control tower, timing gear, covered grandstand, concession stand, restrooms and a large parking lot. That's a lot for the money. All you have to worry about is occasional flooding, though that apparently hasn't occurred for a few years.

It seems the owner has been forced to sell up due to on-going health problems. Raceways in relatively small towns like this are often the heart of the local community, and not just among gearheads, either; there’s enough here for all sorts of events. Hopefully, then, it’ll be bought by an enthusiast who keeps it as it is, and not by a property developer to stick a few hundred homes on.


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