Happened at a Chevrolet dealership, with most sets measuring 20 and 22 inches.

At the beginning of July, wheels and tires from 40 cars were stolen from a Cadillac dealership located in Live Oak, Texas. A similar theft took place last weekend at a Chevrolet dealer in Tyler, Texas, with the perpetrators managing to steal the wheels and tires from no less than 48 cars. According to Tyler Police Department Public Information Officer Don Martin, the incident happened on Sunday around 1:00 AM after the thieves managed to cut the locks on the gates located at the back of the dealership where the Chevy dealership had the cars.

While the surveillance cameras were working at the time of the theft, the bad guys knew what they were doing and smashed the lights, so that they would be hard to identify. The surveillance video does show a big truck arriving at 1:22 A.M., but because it was too dark, police can’t figure out how many thieves were involved, let alone identify them.

The police officer mentions thieves stole the 48 sets in approximately four hours, causing losses estimated by the dealer of up to $250,000. Peltier Chevrolet’s general manager, David Bates, mentions focus was on cars that had 20- and 22-inch wheels, adding that some of the sets snatched up from Traverses and Camaros were ‘nothing out of the ordinary.’

It’s unclear at this point whether the police are dealing with the same thieves that stole those wheels and tires from a Caddy dealership, but officer Martin mentions such incidents are ‘kind of sporadic’ throughout Texas.

Source: autonews.com | Photos: Detective Gary King, East Texas Auto Theft Task Force

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