Pirelli is to run stronger experimental tires during Friday's free practice for the Belgian Grand Prix in a bid to further help avoid the chances of impact damage from kerbs.

One year on from Sebastian Vettel's tire blow-out that prompted an outburst from the Ferrari driver, Pirelli is well aware of how tough the Spa-Francorchamps track can be on rubber.

As a precaution, Pirelli has elected to test some prototype tires in practice, which it says will "further protect the tire from possible consequences generated by accidental multiple impacts on kerbs or other external bodies."

The tires are unmarked and each team has two sets available per driver for evaluation.

During the 2015 Belgian GP weekend, Nico Rosberg suffered a tire failure in Friday free practice, while Vettel's blow-out happened in the race.

As a consequence of the lessons learned, Pirelli subsequently imposed minimum tire pressures that teams have to run to avoid the chance of repeat trouble at tracks.

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