These nuns in Poland know how to serve God in style as this photo shows them getting into a BMW i8. We aren’t sure how this fits with their vow of poverty, but the white body looks especially holy. If the Sisters wanted a high-end sports car, at least they got one of the greenest examples on the market. The efficient choice probably earned them some points with the Man upstairs.

According to the photo’s description, motorcyclists riding through the village of Świnice Warckie spotted the nuns getting into the i8. Unfortunately, that’s all we really know about the incident. The town has some religious significance though as the site of the baptism and first Communion of Saint Faustina. Perhaps these Sisters are taking a high-speed road trip to pay their respects.

Maybe the nuns holy stamp of approval can bestow some Godly support to the i division’s volume. Through the first quarter of 2016, deliveries are down 23 percent with just 5,128 customers worldwide driving away in one. Updates are on the way, though. BMW has a larger battery capacity ready for the i3, and the company might give the i8 more power soon.


Source: BMW Blog