For many people, a hearse is the last vehicle they ever take a ride in, so it only makes sense to make that final drive to the cemetery in as interesting car as possible. The Italian firm Ellena srl autotrasformazioni lets you go to the grave with real panache by modifying a Maserati Ghibli into a hearse.

The firm’s Facebook page shows its other hearse conversions but most of them are Mercedes-Benz models, with the exception of a very odd looking Chrysler 300. While these vehicles are interesting, taking your final ride in a Maserati would look much more stylish.

Ellena’s conversion adds a huge top and extra length to the Ghibli’s rear. It looks bulbous but in a jovial way. There are no details on the firm’s Facebook page, but we presume there are also significant modifications to the suspension to handle the extra weight of a casket in the back. Despite the extra heft, hearse’s don’t need to drive very quickly, so the stock biturbo 3.0-liter V6 should have plenty of power.

Ellena certainly has the right idea with this conversion, but there’s another Italian model that would look even better as a hearse. If the company’s Ghibli is a success, it needs to prep a Ferrari GTC4Lusso for funeral duty next.

Source: Ellena srl autotrasformazioni

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