It’s easy to be smitten with the 2017 Porsche Panamera’s combination of vastly improved styling and impressive performance. Only a few lucky folks can get behind the wheel of one yet, though. If you want to know every detail about new sedan before ever actually seeing one, Porsche has a 20-minute video that dives deep into what makes the four-door special.

Porsche wants people to think of the Panamera as the sports car of its class, and the company has a bounty of performance tech to instill that feeling. At launch, the sedan’s three powertrains combine biturbo engines, an eight-speed dual clutch gearbox, and all-wheel drive. The company also has a new three-chamber air suspension that improves both comfort and handling.  The system can switch between spring rates quicker than a driver can notice, which allows for a soft ride while cruising and something firmer when cornering. Jump to 12:23 in the video to watch the new drivetrain at work around the Nürburgring.

When cruising at high speeds down the Autobahn, Panamera drivers can enjoy a cabin full of high-tech toys. The new instrument panel retails an analog tachometer but now features digital displays on each side. A widescreen infotainment system also dominated the center stack, and one of the interior’s coolest features is underneath it. The air vents fold away when not in use and just look like a nice bit of trim. They fold open with a flourish when adjusting the climate controls.

The 2017 Panamera will arrive at European dealers in early November. Porsche won’t yet discuss North American availability or pricing for North America, but it’ll probably go on sale early in 2017.