Force India deputy team boss Bob Fernley believes Formula 1 would be sending out the "wrong message" by getting rid of track limits.

The F1 Strategy Group is pushing for a completely relaxed view on track limits in order to avoid confusing the fans, just as the FIA introduced electronics policing in the Hungarian Grand Prix to continue with its 'zero tolerance' approach.

Race director Charles Whiting is resisting the move and initially set tight limits in the last race in Germany before agreeing to a compromise.

While F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone admitted a relaxation of track limits rules would require a regulation change, Fernley believes the move would be detrimental for F1.

"It is sending the wrong message," Fernley told "There are surely more elegant ways of doing things. F1 is a precision sport. It is not rallycross.

"I am uncomfortable with totally freeing up track limits. What I cannot understand as F1 that there are systems out there, and we have someone in the paddock like Jonathan Palmer, that operate circuits that has the technology to do what we want to do.

"We have got the software and technical capability to have a car go over and derate as a result of that, without any interference from anybody, it just automatically deals with it.

"If you did that, you don't need to do anything.

"If you go over it it makes the racing more interesting because the car behind is going to see you are very vulnerable and maybe increase more overtaking and you keep the integrity of track limits.

"And also because young drivers are coming up using those systems, then it becomes an integral part of the whole thing so I cannot understand for the life of me while we are not looking at it."

Interview by Jonathan Noble


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